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They Said What?

What some of Sandy's clients have to say about their experiences...

After reading your message on your “Attract a Great Life” site I sat down and started reminiscing on how my life has changed since meeting you. I don’t know that lady anymore that spoke with you about all the “what if”s that could happen if I would actually believe in myself and become the person that God intended me to be.

At that time I was working part time as a church secretary and had just started doing newsletters for a couple of Mary Kay directors. I knew I had found what I wanted to do the rest of my working life but I was afraid to give up my little security and try my wings at getting more business. I kept thinking “what if I can't get any more business,” “what if the next director doesn’t like my work,” and so on and so on.

Then you came into my life. You had seen one of my newsletters and liked it so much that you called me. You didn’t even know me but you wanted me to do your newsletter. We started talking ever so often then and you don't even know this but talking with you gave me the courage I needed to quit my job. You always had encouragement for me, the little kind that stays in your mind and heart and that you revert back to when self doubt slips back in. Not only did you hold my hand (over the telephone), but you showed me how to get “unstuck” in my mind and let my dreams become a reality. I stopped depending on other people to believe in me and give me confidence but with your help started believing in myself.

I use to think, wow, if Sandy could just “bottle up” the sincere understanding she has of people so everyone could benefit wouldn’t the world be a better place. You didn’t put all this in a bottle but you did the next best thing, you have a study course that everyone can take to realize their full potential and to quit saying “What If.” Sandy, my hat or my socks are off to you. Thank you for coming into my life.

—Carolyn Knight

Before I met Sandy, I had a good business. After her coaching on the Law of Attraction, I learned how just a bit of tweaking can make a huge difference not only in my business, but my personal life as well. Now I have a great business. I love the power of positive thought because anyone can do it!

—Barbara Spencer

In a casual phone conversation, Sandy Guderyon introduced me to the Law of Attraction. I was very interested but didn’t take the time to look at the details until she presented them to our Mary Kay National Area. As always, her teaching was very clear, concise and very thorough. From that one session, I began using the tools she gave us to attract more of what I wanted out of my business. It was remarkable how just changing my statements and my thinking made me feel so much more positive. Sandy, very graciously, responded to my request for a tele-training session with my consultants. In spite of the sparse attendance, Sandy was her vibrant, dynamic, enjoyable self and she trained as thoroughly as the first session I had attended with her! Her lighthearted, fun-loving way of presenting opens the minds of others for receiving what she has to offer. I thoroughly enjoy working with Sandy as she is very caring, creative, and passionate about what she believes and above all, her go-give spirit abounds!!!

We were in the process of earning the use of a Career Car and, prior to the training, I was verbalizing how I didn’t see our ability to finish the production requirements needed in 3 months. I followed Sandy’s guidance and used the tools she taught to attract what I wanted. As my language and thinking changed, I began to see immediate results and. suddenly I was able to book more appointments, make more sales and conduct more interviews. My life was changing before my eyes and at times I was so busy I didn’t know what day it was. I remained very focused—which was one of the things I wanted more of—and by the beginning of the third month the picture was clear that the car was ours! I felt it, I believed it and I stated it over and over. By the middle of the 3rd month, I suddenly noticed a shift in my own thinking about many phases of my business and personal life…it was all positive.

My prayer time had changed in the course of these three months and I prioritized my mornings with the things I needed to fuel my day. It was amazing to watch the numbers rise and the rapidly increasing sales and appointments that were needed to meet the criteria. I had never before felt so positive about achieving success with so many things automatically falling into place. I lost all fear, fueled each day with faith and positivity and attracted the most awesome business associates and new customers. I will be forever grateful to Sandy for being my coach, mentor and friend. I can’t wait to see what the rest of life will be as we continue this journey of attraction!!!

—Sandi Borgmeyer