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Meet Sandy

Sandy Guderyon

For 32 years I worked for other people in retail and corporate settings. Usually, for less pay than I was worth. Although I was always promoted at every job, even in to upper management, some of the positions I wanted were taken by others or were just not available. I wanted more, but became frustrated about where to turn next.

I finally decided to retire from the last job. I left tired, discouraged and worn out.

An opportunity was presented to me that would change my life—I became an Independent Beauty Consultant in the direct-selling industry. I knew next to nothing about teaching skin care, let alone meeting people and building a client base. But I learned. And learned, and learned and learned! I found that clients wanted what I had to offer, and over time, I built client relationships that were loyal and long-lasting.

I learned to team-build and soon was promoted to Team Leader. I knew I wanted to become a Sales Director, as well. But I had some doubts about myself—not the position.

So it took awhile to promote myself and a couple of “tries” to qualify, but we did it! My unit of 30 women and I proceeded to advance and grow.

We won our Pontiac Grand Prix—a dream come true. Another dream was to promote a woman from my unit who spoke Spanish to become a Sales Director and hold sales meetings in Spanish. Yep! That happened, too! Then I became a Senior Sales Director. I watched her win the title of Sales Director and earn her Pontiac Vibe car!

I have earned beautiful rings in the prestigious Queen’s Court of Sales twice and will win again in 2006, and have won prizes as a Star Consultant for 42 quarters. In 2006, I was selected as Miss Go-Give for my division, nationwide! I can honestly say I have achieved every single thing I ever wanted with this company.

But a thought always lingered in my mind. In the early years in this career, I felt “stuck”…unsure, wondering “what if.” I languished at mid-point, agonizing over decisions to move up. Even though I was encouraged by many, I stopped just short of the bigger things. I began to wonder how I could help others feeling the same way.

Then, an opportunity came along that was to change my life and the lives of others. I presented a 12-day challenge to mid-management consultants at a conference. The results were amazing—19 took the challenge and 19 crossed the finish line! Today, 10 of those women are Sales Directors. Two months after that, a book arrived in the mail called The Law of Attraction by Michael Losier. I read the book and realized I had found the answer: how to remove doubt. It was the golden nugget of the universe. I began to study, take classes and tell others. I took training to become a certified Law of Attraction instructor.

It was only the beginning…people started calling, asking for help to get unstuck. A corporation called, to ask for help with a team. Then, I coached clients privately in the corporate world.

Over and over, I watched people change and have breakthroughs. Over and over, I saw success as people reached higher and became unstuck.

And you know what? It helped me, every time! As my clients achieved personal growth and breakthroughs, I did too. My life became one of joy and ease as I taught the simple Law of Attraction tools to others. Doors opened for me, money increased, the phone rang—a lot! Friends and business colleagues saw a difference in me, and I actually had several people tell me, “I want what you have.”

Becoming unstuck and “allowing” what I want to come into my life and my home and my business has been one of the biggest events in my life.

My husband Elmer and I have been married for 49 years and have two children, Michael and Sharon. We really love and enjoy our 3 exceptional grandchildren, Brian, Rachel, and Ryan. We love going to their sports and school events and just being around them. Our daughter-in-law, Susan, and son-in-law, Doug, are 2 of the best people on the planet. Elmer comes to my seminars with me to assist in any way he can and we love being together in this venture.

When I think about helping others, I realize that my dream is that other people can come from a place of “stuckedness” (I made that up!) and journey to a world that offers peace, ease and dreams-come-true.

Follow your dreams. They know the way.

The Knock Your Socks Off Lady