If your life was a house for sale, would you buy it?

A Step-by-Step Guide for your perfect life design

Dear Dreamer,

In this new world we all find ourselves living in — with wars raging, economies fluctuating, and social conventions shifting — it may feel like you’re the last person in control of your life.

You go about the mad rush of life, going through your daily motions, and each day you feel as though you’re losing your chance to fulfill your dreams.

It may seem that way but really it’s an illusion. Because, you see, all of that stuff going on “out there” doesn’t affect you unless you allow it to. You can still make all your dreams come true if you want to.

You may be thinking that reaching your dreams is impossible because you’re not sure how to go about making them come true.

And that’s precisely why you must get my new ebook, If Your Life Was A House For Sale, Would You Buy It?

What do I mean by, “If Your Life Was a
House For Sale, Would You Buy It”?

I’m glad you asked! When I work one-on-one with my coaching clients, we talk about the 8 key areas of their lives.

My question to all of them is this: Are the 8 key areas of your life in good order, so that if your life was a house with 8 rooms (one for each area) and if that house was for sale, would you pay top dollar for it?

Or, when you looked inside the house, were the rooms in disarray — cluttered and dirty? Are there boxes of ‘stuff’ stacked up here and there? Perhaps the house is in need of repairs, but there isn’t enough money to take care of what’s needed.

In this ebook, we’ll take a look at cleaning this house, freshening it up and letting in the sunshine and lots of fresh air. It’s a wonderful adventure — this life of yours — and it’s worth every minute of your time to spruce it up.

I’m giving you a step-by-step guide to design
your life exactly the way you want it.

Sure, you have to make some decisions then take some action, but the steps to get you where you want to go are easy.

And I’ve outlined them for you so you can jump right in and get started on your dreams today.

So let me ask you...

Then this ebook is for you! It’s designed especially for you to help ‘sort it all out’ and get on the road to a life that you thought couldn’t be possible — at least under your current circumstances.

You are cordially invited to look for yourself, as others have done, to see how easy it can be to create an exciting design for your life using this innovative, interesting, and simple format.

This ebook is especially suited for you if...

How It Works...

You’ll probably be quite surprised at how doing just some simple things — some easy adjustments in your daily life — will bring the changes you want quicker than you can imagine.

Your new dream life awaits tomorrow but only if you get started today.

Normally — because the information in this ebook is so valuable — you’d expect to pay a lot of money for the kind of help found within its pages but because you’re a participant in the “Live Your Most Inspired Life Telesummit” you can have this life-changing information for just $19 U.S.

You Gotta Love It Guarantee...

I know you hear promises all the time and I want you to know that, if you buy this ebook and you put the ideas in it into practice in your life that you’ll be living your dream life in no time. So use it diligently for the next 60 days and if after that time you aren’t getting the results you desire I will refund your full purchase price. All I ask is that you actually use the tips, put them into practice, and allow yourself the gift of truly creating the life you desire.

book cover

  YES, Sandy, I’m ready to explore all 8 areas of my life so that I can have the dream life that I desire. I understand that my satisfaction is guaranteed and that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain as all my dreams come true.

I’m really looking forward to helping you create your dream life. Thank you so much for believing in yourself enough to take this first step. It may feel like a small step right now, but in a short while you’ll realize just what a HUGE step it really was.

With love and gratitude,
Sandy Guderyon, CDC

P.S. I believe in you! I know that you have great dreams and that you can bring them to life and I look forward to hearing all of your success stories. Your dream life awaits but you must get started. And every dream begins with a first step. Take the first step now. Order your ebook now, read it and put the tips into practice. Every step gets easier and easier.

About the author...

Sandy Guderyon, CDC is a life coach living in northern California, joyfully working with creative people to design lives of peace, order, and creative fulfillment, both personally and in business. As a certified teleclass leader, she has welcomed hundreds of participants to her teleclasses as well as hosting a monthly Law of Attraction discussion group. Whether appearing as a keynote speaker, a guest on Canadian radio, or speaking at local community colleges, Sandy entertains with a heart-centered spirit and words that reach deeply into the hearts of her listeners. Whether working with large or small groups as well as individual clients, those she works with achieve desirable results, along with discovering their purpose and true passions.

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