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The Law of Attraction

What is The Law of Attraction? Well, it’s a universal law—a law of the universe. It brings to you whatever you put your attention and energy and your focus to, whether wanted or unwanted. It’s pretty amazing when you stop to consider it.

If you want something and you give it some attention, the law will bring it to you—if you allow it.

And if you don’t want something, and you give it some attention, it can bring you that, too!

Can it be that simple? It sure can.

We are all made up of energy, right? Yes. Vibrations, too. There’s energy all over the place—atoms, molecules, particles, even energy so small it can’t be measured. But it’s there, all right.

So when your thoughts become words and they generate feelings, that generates your vibration—what you “put out there.”

Have you heard expressions such as “what you think about you bring about,” or “like attracts like,” or “as a man thinketh, so is he?” Or have you ever walked into a room and sensed a certain feeling or “vibe”? Things, places, buildings, people—they all give off vibes, don’t they?

You do, too.

I’ve noticed and experienced that the really great (and fun) part of all this is that you can deliberately attract what you desire to you.

Yes, you can!

And that’s not all, folks! When you have a desire, when you give it your attention and focus and, best of all, you aren’t resisting it to come to you, it will—and so fast it WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF.

That’s why I’m Sandy, the Knock Your Socks Off Lady. Because, I see so much evidence of the law at work and I talk to people who have great stuff happening to them—their desires are coming-they celebrate it all the time!

Could it all be that easy? You bet. Might take a little practice, a little time, but everything worthwhile takes a little doing, that’s for sure.

Think about this: if you could change a bit of language here and there, and think more about what you do want and not so much about what you don’t want, you can have much, much more of what you want! You can continually be in the process of bringing your desires to you on a regular basis.

What would you like? The ideal client, a new or different home, to begin a new business, to take up the violin, travel the world, go to clown school, become a puppeteer?

Know your desire…give it your focus…allow it to come to you.

Easy to remember, huh?

One of the most interesting parts of this formula is the allowing part. What if you know what you want and you give it attention, say on a goal poster or in your journal? Perhaps you’ve done all that and your desire still doesn’t come to you. What’s going on there? Probably some resistance. Ah, now there’s a biggie!

The good news is that I can teach you some simple tools and words to use to implement the Law of Attraction in a deliberate way and to eliminate resistance and doubt. Then you will begin to feel some relief from doubt and easily Allow It. Pretty soon you will notice that what you want and what you’re getting are matching up—or are really close to a match (that counts, too).

Celebrations all around. Good and better feelings, more and more.

Does all of this sound helpful to you?

Would it be good to know that the universe has an abundant supply of great stuff, just for you? Just outside your door.

You know, folks, when you wish for something, it is always on its way to you. Always. Unless there’s resistance. If you’re resisting, you’re doubting you can have what you want.

If you’re allowing, you’re not resisting.

If you’re resisting, you’re not allowing.

Why not save some time, get some help on how to go about attracting your desires, and get on with attracting and living the life you’ve always wanted? You know, the one that will knock your socks off!

Learn how, and do it soon. Time’s a’wastin’ and the universe awaits.

I’m just here as your guide. Come on along. Follow your dreams. They know the way.

The Knock Your Socks Off Lady